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Issue 3 (Special Issue): Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2017)

Preface | Page i

Robson Crim: A Vision for Multivalent Interrogations of Criminal Law

Jochelson, Richard; Khoday, Amar; Ireland, David

Article | Page 1

Reforming and Resisting Criminal Law: Criminal Justice and the Tragically Hip

Roach, Kent

Article | Page 53

The Importance of Knowing How a Person Became the Suspect in a Lineup: Multiple Eyewitness Identification Procedures Increase the Risk of Wrongful Conviction

Lindsay, R. C. L.; Bertrand, Michelle I.; Smith, Andrew M.

Article | Page 85

Bargaining for Justice: The Road towards Prosecutorial Accountability in the Plea Bargaining Process

Manikis, Marie; Grbac, Peter

Article | Page 111

Beyond Finality: R v Hart and the Ghosts of Convictions Past

Khoday, Amar; Avey, Jonathan

Article | Page 165

Jackpot: The Hang-up Holding Back the Residual Category of Abuse of Process

Couse, Jeffery

Article | Page 193

Theorizing the Official Record of Inmate Ashley Smith: Necropolitics, Exclusions, and Multiple Agencies

Bromwich, Rebecca

Article | Page 225

Manitoba's Mental Health Court: A Consumer Perspective

Watts, Joshua; Weinrath, Michael

Article | Page 247

Tale of the Tape: Policing Surreptitious Recordings in the Workplace

Burchill, John

Article | Page 303

Supreme Court of Canada in World Bank Group v Wallace: On Production of Records, Immunities of International Organizations and the Global Fight against Corruption

Galagan, Dmytro

Article | Page 337

Animal Justice and Sexual (Ab)use: Consideration of Legal Recongition of Sentience for Animals in Canada

Gacek, James; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 365

Art in the Dichotomy of Freedom of Expression & Obscenity: An Anti-Censorship Perspective

Yan, Julie

Article | Page 391

Voluntary Intoxication and the Charter: Revisiting the Constitutionality of Section 33.1 of the Criminal Code

Lawrence, Michelle S.

Article | Page 425

Making Numbers Count: An Empirical Analysis of Judicial Activism in Canada

Murchison, Melanie