The Manitoba Law Journal (MLJ) is a publication of the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba located at Robson Hall. We hope to provide lively, practical and informative commentary on developments in areas that include case law, legislation, the administration of justice, and legal practice. We aim at producing critical coverage of events in our own community, but welcome pertinent commentary concerning developments at the national or international level or in other provinces. This is an open access journal, which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user. The MLJ is carried on Amazon, LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Heinonline and included in the annual rankings of law journals by the leading service, the Washington and Lee University annual survey. The MLJ operates with the support of SSHRC.


Submissions should generally be under 15,000 words (inclusive of footnotes). Submissions must be in word or word compatible formats and contain a 250 word or less abstract and a list of 5-10 keywords.

Articles are accepted on a rolling basis. However, the journal aims at a publication date in the fall therefore authors expected to be published at such a time must submit their articles in early spring.

Authors interested in submitting their work for publication in the Manitoba Law Journal are encouraged to contact the editors through the contact section on this website.

Authors must sign the MLJ Author Agreement prior to their article being published. The agreement is found here.

Submissions to IJII occur through two streams, Peer Review and non-peer review. Please visit the IJII Submissions page to learn more.


The referencing style of MLJ publications conform to the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation 9th edition (McGill Guide). Authors that do not adhere to the rules set out in the McGill Guide may be asked to re-format their manuscript. Improper citations may significantly delay publication.

Some tools are available that help automate the citation process. Legal Citations Assistant (a free Google Doc Add-on) is specifically designed to enable semi-automated citations of legal references in conformity with the McGill Guide. Microsoft Word users could try Zotero to help automate this process.


Please note that pages and margins in the MLJ are narrower than those used by default in Word.

Authors should keep the following measurements in mind when creating figures or tables. Figures and tables that do not fit the dimensions below may need to be reformatted to fit. This may delay publication.

  • Page size 6’x9’ (15.25 cm x 22.86 cm)


  • Top = 2.54 cm
  • Bottom = 2.23 cm
  • Inside = 1.9 cm
  • Outside = 1.4 cm
  • Gutter = .51 cm
  • Mirror Margins = yes

Please see template (download here) for examples.

Peer Review

The MLJ will only publish articles that passes double-blind peer review. In order to keep the peer review process blinded, we ask that authors remove any information that would enable the identification of the author(s). Articles are accepted with revisions, encouraged to revise and resubmit, or rejected.

Book Reviews are only reviewed by the Executive Editors of the journal and are not sent for the double blind review.

Publication within MLJ are highly dependent on the volunteer contributions of experts in their field. These are drawn from the academic world as well as members of the practicing Bar and the Bench. While most experts will be from within Manitoba, some will be drawn more broadly both from within Canada and internationally. Expressions of willingness to serve as an expert reviewer are always welcome.


The MLJ accepts manuscripts written in French or English.


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