Canada’s Emergencies Act: Beyond the Rouleau Report

"Emergencies" a digital illustration by Lily Deardorff

Manitoba Law Journal 46.1 | Special Issue

Introduction | Page 1
A Note for the Desk of the Executive Editors of the Manitoba Law Journal
Bryan P. Schwartz, Darcy L. MacPherson, Lily Deardorff

Introduction | Page 3
Nomi Claire Lazar, Jocelyn Stacey

Article | Page 27
Threats to the Security of Canada: Same, Same but Different
Leah West, Jake Norris, Michael Nesbitt

Article | Page 41
Thresholds, Powers, and Accountability in the Emergencies Act
Hoi L. Kong

Article | Page 53
What’s ‘Necessary’ Under the Emergencies Act?
Nomi Claire Lazar

Article | Page 65
The Dangers of Police “Operational” Independence
Kent Roach

Article | Page 81
Public Order Policing: A Proposal for a Charter-compliant Legislative Response
Jamie Cameron, Robert Diab

Article | Page 91
Modern Finance-Centric Governance: the 2022 Emergency Measures, Property and Financial Powers
Michelle Gallant

Article | Page 101
Constitutional Dimensions of the Consultation and Accountability Systems within Canada’s Emergencies Act
Dwight Newman K.C.

Article | Page 113
Interjurisdictional Accountability for Interjurisdictional Problems
Jocelyn Stacey

Article | Page 127
Inquiries as Accountability Mechanisms in Times of Emergency
Geneviève Cartier

Article | Page 137
Rouleau’s Overreach: (Mis)interpreting Section 63 of the Emergencies Act
Adam Goldenberg

Article | Page 151
First Nations and Canada’s Emergencies Act
Cloy-E-Iis, Judith Sayers

Article | Page 163
Canada’s fractured emergency management system
Jack Lindsay

Article | Page 175
The Problem of Threshold in the Emergencies Act – A Triple Incapacity Model
Karin Loevy

Article | Page 189
Coordination Failure, Pandemic Prevention, and Political Polarization in Global Perspective
Victor V. Ramraj