The Current Legal Landscape is the first dimension of the Manitoba Law Journal. It focuses on developments in courts and tribunals. The first issue of The Current Legal Landscape was published in 2012 in MLJ 35.1. For over 50 years the MLJ operated as an eclectic collection of articles without focus.

Prior to formation of the dimensions, the journal would infrequently publish a special issue with a central theme but the majority of our publication history prior was an eclectic combination of articles and topics, mostly Canadian but had no particular focus on local developments. It focuses on developments in the courts and tribunals of Manitoba. The overall focus of the Manitoba Law Journal is on issues that take place within our own legal communities in Manitoba or are of special interest to them.

The Current Legal Landscape’s first issue marked our return to servicing a real and local need within the Manitoban Legal Community by providing scholarly examination of local legal developments.