Recognition by the Government of Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) is the Government of Canada’s agency responsible for encouraging post-secondary based research in the social sciences, including economics, politics, and the law.

The SSHRC supports Canadian scholarly dissemination and helps journals handle the costs associated with the distribution and publishing of scholarly works through the “Aid to Scholarly Journals” grant program. Using a highly competitive analysis of merit review completed by a jury of experts, grants are delivered to recipients whom demonstrate:

  • high quality and impact in their work;
  • strong editorial direction for said work; and
  • An effective current/future dissemination strategy for the respective work.

The Manitoba Law Journal, operating in part with support of an SSHRC Aid to Scholarly Journals grant, successfully met this bar with the help of its authors and editors. In fact, the Manitoba Law Journal’s steadfast commitment to open-access, high-caliber and insightful contribution for the field of law led the SSRHC to rank the journal second in the “Economics, Law, Political Science, Industrial Relations, Administration and Management Studies” category of entries.

This commitment to engaging, quality scholarship has been reinforced by our recent renewal of the publication’s first-ever SSHRC award. We look forward to being continual torchbearers for future advancements in scholarly study of the law within Manitoba and abroad.

Learn more about the SSHRC here.