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Issue 5: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2021)

Article | Page 1

Making an ‘ASH’ out of Gladue: The Bowden Experiment

Dickson, Jane

Article | Page 29

Constitutionalizing Gladue Rights: Critical Perspectives and Prospective Paths Forward

Rath-Wilson, Hardie

Article | Page 60

The Devil’s Playground: A Case Study of Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre (EMDC) Demonstrating the System Failings of the Ontario Corrections Regime

Kelly, Nicole

Article | Page 96

Decades in Crisis: A Critical Analysis of the Underuse of Section 81 and 84 of the Correction and Conditional Release Act and its Role in the Systemic Neglect of Indigenous Rehabilitation and Reintegration

Parker, Madison

Article | Page 124

Reconsidering Luxton in the Post-Nur Revolution: A Brief Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Recent Challenges to Mandatory Minimums and Other Sentencing Provisions

Purser, Stacey M.

Article | Page 149

A Tale of Two Countries: Constitutionalizing the Mandatory Minimum Sentence

Moen, Bryton M. P.

Issue 6: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2021)

Article | Page 1

Wrongful Extradition: Reforming the Committal Phase of Canada’s Extradition Law

Currie, Robert J.

Article | Page 48

Blurred Lines: A Critical Examination of the Use of Police Officers and Police Employees as Expert Witnesses in Criminal Trials

Trask, Brandon; Podaima, Evan

Article | Page 76

Pungent Sound: Analyzing the Criminal Enforcement of Environmental Law in the Pacific Northwest

Ozymy, Joshua; Ozymy, Melissa Jarrell

Article | Page 108

Talking to Strangers: A Critical Analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in R v Mills

Buggie, Chelsey

Article | Page 138

Detained on Sight: The Socioeconomic Aspect of Social Context in R v Le

Waring, Lewis

Article | Page 170

11(e) Shattered: The Historic and Continued Breaching of Indigenous Persons Right to Reasonable and Timely Bail

Gallop, Sean

Article | Page 194

California Wrongful Incarceration Compensation Law: A History That is Still Being Written

Delvac, Kelly Shae

Article | Page 224

Predictive Policing and the Charter

Hiller, Kaitlynd

Article | Page 246

Algorithmic Policing Technologies in Canada

Singh, Shawn

Issue 4: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2020)

Introduction | Page i

Continuing the Conversation: Exploring Current Themes in Criminal Justice and the Law

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

Moral Character: Making Sense of the Experiences of Bar Applicants with Criminal Records

Aviram, Hadar

Article | Page 35

Corporate Criminal Liability 2.0: Expansion Beyond Human Responsibility

Lederman, Eli

Article | Page 85

The Dangers of a Punitive Approach to Victim Participation in Sentencing: Victim Impact Statements after the Victims Bill of Rights Act

Janzen, Elizabeth

Article | Page 107

To What Types of Offences Should the Criminal Code Rules on Organizational Criminal Liability Apply?: A Commenton 9147-0732 Québec Inc c Directeur Des Poursuites Criminelles et Pénales

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Article | Page 145

Criminal Law During (and After) COVID-19

Skolnik, Terry

Article | Page 181

If You Do Not Have Anything Nice toSay: Charter Issues with the Offence of Defamatory Libel (Section 301)

Williams, Dylan J.

Article | Page 209

Hart Failure: Assessing the Mr. Big Confessions Framework Five Years Later

Lutes, Christopher

Article | Page 245

Robson Crim Year in Review

McDonald, Brayden; Kerr-Donohue, Kathleen

Issue 5: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2020)

Introduction | Page i

Continuing the Conversation: Exploring Current Themes in Criminal Justice and the Law

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

Correctional Afterthought: Offences Against the Administration of Justice and Canada’s Persistent Savage Anxieties

Runyon, Sarah

Article | Page 39

Issues Surrounding Pre-Conviction Abstention Conditions on Persons Suffering from Illicit Substance Addictions

Hannaford, Alana

Article | Page 65

Nuancing Feminist Perspectives on the Voluntary Intoxication Defence

Ashley, Florence

Article | Page 95

The Criminalization of Non-Assimilation and Property Rights in the Canadian Prairies

Sapic, Lauren

Article | Page 117

The Supreme Court of Canada’s Justification of Charter Breaches and its Effect on Black and Indigenous Communities

Kaka, Elsa

Article | Page 145

Moms in Prison: The Impact of Maternal Incarceration on Women and Children

Stack, Katy

Article | Page 161

The Privacy Paradox: Marakah, Mills ,and the Diminished Protections of Section 8

Biddulph, Michelle

Article | Page 197

Social Suppliers and Real Dealers: Incorporating Social Supply in Drug Trafficking Law in Canada

Ferencz, Sarah

Issue 3: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2019)

Preface | Page i

Towards Dialogue in the Crim Disciplines

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

Flaming Misogyny or Blindly Zealous Enforcement? The Bizarre Case of R v George

Vandervort, Lucinda

Article | Page 39

The Mens Rea of Sexual Assault: How Jury Instructions are Getting it Wrong

Alexander, Paul M.; De Luca, Kelly

Article | Page 89

Criminalizing HIV Non-Disclosure: Using Public Health to Inform Criminal Law

Singh, Davinder; Busby, Karen

Article | Page 123

Elements of Superior Responsibility for Sexual Violence by Subordinates

Petrossian, Gurgen

Article | Page 153

“They Just Don’t Care”: Women Charged with Domestic Violence in Ottawa

Grace, Anita

Article | Page 189

“Alluring Make-Up or a False Moustache”: Cuerrier and Sexual Fraud Outside of HIV Non-Disclosure

McCleery, Kyle

Article | Page 217

Consent and the Constitution

Fehr, Colton

Article | Page 249

Exoneration and Compensation for the Wrongly Convicted: Enhancing Procedural Justice?

Campbell, Kathryn M.

Article | Page 281

Evaluating Judicial Delay After Jordan : Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Avey, Jonathan

Article | Page 303

The Problematically Low Threshold of Evidence in Canadian Extradition Law: An Inquiry into its Origins; and Repercussions in the Case of Hassan Diab

McMahon, Maeve W.

Article | Page 365

A Bargain with Justice? A Perspective on Canada’s New Remediation Agreements

Sakowski, Paetrick

Article | Page 385

Importing a Canadian Creation: A Comparative Analysis of Evidentiary Rules Governing the Admissibility of Confessions to ‘Mr. Big’

Phelan, Nathan

Article | Page 427

Public Contempt and Compassion: Media Biases and Their Effect on Juror Impartiality and Wrongful Convictions

Chancellor, Lauren

Issue 4: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2019)

Preface | Page i

Towards Dialogue in the Crim Disciplines

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

What's Left of Marital Harmony in the Criminal Courts? The Marital Communications Privilege After the Demise of the Spousal Incompetence Rule

Cave, Heather; Sankoff, Peter

Article | Page 21

The Biases of Experts: An Empirical Analysis of Expert Witness Challenges

Chin, Jason M.; Lutsky, Michael; Dror, Itiel E.

Article | Page 69

Persistence and Variability of DNA: Penile Washings and Intimate Bodily Examinations in Sex-Related Offences

Burchill, John W.

Article | Page 89

Lost in Translation? The Difference Between the Hearsay Rule’s Historical Rationale and Practical Application

Sewrattan, Christopher

Featured Article | Page 131

Threading the Needle: Structural Reform & Canada’s Intelligence-to-Evidence Dilemma

Forcese, Craig

Critical Commentary | Page 189

Canadian National Security in Cyberspace: The Legal Implications of the Communications Security Establishment’s Current and Future Role as Canada’s Lead Technical Cybersecurity and Cyber Intelligence Agency

Rosati, Nicholas

Article | Page 207

Over-Indebted Criminals in Canada

Ben-Ishai, Stephanie; Nayerahmadi, Arash

Article | Page 241

Theorizing Anxiety and its Relation to Fear (of Crime): An Heideggerian Inspired Polemic

Ranasinghe, Prashan

Article | Page 265

Cross-Over Youth and Youth Criminal Justice Act Evidence Law: Discourse Analysis and Reasons for Law Reform

Bromwich, Rebecca Jaremko

Article | Page 292

Jeremy Bentham and Canadian Evidence Law: The Utilitarian Perspective on Mistrial Applications

Josey, Alanah

Article | Page 315

Confronting Animal Cruelty: Understanding Evidence of Harm Towards Animals

Gacek, James

Article | Page 343

The Constitutional Elephant in the Room: Section 8 Charter Issues with The Animal Care Act

Ziegler, Ryan

Issue 3: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2018)

Preface | Page i

Towards a Crim Community - Here We Go Again

Tourtchaninova, Anna; Roziere, Brendan

Article | Page 1

Examining How Lineup Practices of Canadian and U.S. Police Officers Adhere to Their National Best Practice Recommendations

Bertrand, Michelle I.; Lindsay, R.C.L.; Mansour, Jamal K.; Beaudry, Jennifer L.; Kalmet, Natalie; Melsom, Elisabeth I.

Article | Page 49

Police Vehicle Searches under the Fourth Amendment: Evaluating Chiefs’ Perceptions of Search Policies and Practices after Arizona v Gant

Totten, Christopher; Cobkit, Sutham

Article | Page 77

R v Jarvis: An Argument for a Single Reasonable Expectation of Privacy Framework

Mullins, Ryan

Article | Page 99

Alibi Evidence: Responsibility for Disclosure and Investigation

Burchill, John

Article | Page 127

Onashowewin and the Promise of Aboriginal Diversionary Programs

McKay, Celeste; Milward, David

Article | Page 163

Healing Ourselves: Interrogating the underutilization of Sections 81 & 84 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act

Combs, Leah

Article | Page 191

Too Bad, So Sad: Observations on Key Outstanding Policy Challenges of Twenty Years of Youth Justice Reform in Canada, 1995-2015

Smandych, Russell C.; Corrado, Raymond R.

Article | Page 241

Challenging Infanticide: Why Section 233 of Canadas Criminal Code is Unconstitutional

Mair, Scott

Issue 4: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2018)

Preface | Page i

Towards a Crim Community - Here We Go Again

Tourtchaninova, Anna; Roziere, Brendan

Article | Page 1

(Where is) the Tipping Point for Governmental Regulation of Canadian Lawyers? Perhaps it is in Paradise: Critically Assessing Regulation of Lawyer Involvement with Money Laundering After Canada (Attorney General) v Federation of Law Societies of Canada

Bromwich, Rebecca

Article | Page 27

Police Independence vs Military Discipline: Democratic Policing in the Canadian Forces

Avey, Jonathan

Article | Page 57

The Problem of "Relevance": Intelligence to Evidence Lessons from UK Terrorism Prosecutions

West, Leah

Article | Page 113

R v Jordan: A Ticking Time Bomb

Lundrigan, Keara

Article | Page 149

A Bad Deal: British Columbia’s Emphasis on Deterrence and Increasing Prison Sentences for Street-Level Fentanyl Traffickers

Hrymak, Haley

Article | Page 181

In the Aftermath of R v Pham: A Comment on Certainty of Removal and Mitigation of Sentences

Baglay, Sasha

Article | Page 220

Disclosure in the 21 st Century: A Comparative Analysis of Three Approaches to the Information Economy in the Guilty Plea Process

Anevich, Myles

Article | Page 245

An Analysis of Third Party Record Applications Under the Mills Scheme, 2012-2017: The Right to Full Answer and Defence versus Rights to Privacy and Equality

Donkers, Heather

Article | Page 273

Section 24(2) of the Charter; Exploring the Role of Police Conduct in the Grant Analysis

McGuinty, Patrick

Article | Page 281

Remedying the Remedy: Bedford’ s Suspended Declaration of Invalidity

Mouland, Carolyn

Article | Page 307

The WD Revolution

Silver, Lisa A.

Article | Page 351

Challenging Dominant Portrayals of the Trans Sex Worker: On Gender, Violence, and Protection

Laidlaw, Leon

Issue 3 (Special Issue): Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2017)

Preface | Page i

Robson Crim: A Vision for Multivalent Interrogations of Criminal Law

Jochelson, Richard; Khoday, Amar; Ireland, David

Article | Page 1

Reforming and Resisting Criminal Law: Criminal Justice and the Tragically Hip

Roach, Kent

Article | Page 53

The Importance of Knowing How a Person Became the Suspect in a Lineup: Multiple Eyewitness Identification Procedures Increase the Risk of Wrongful Conviction

Lindsay, R. C. L.; Bertrand, Michelle I.; Smith, Andrew M.

Article | Page 85

Bargaining for Justice: The Road towards Prosecutorial Accountability in the Plea Bargaining Process

Manikis, Marie; Grbac, Peter

Article | Page 111

Beyond Finality: R v Hart and the Ghosts of Convictions Past

Khoday, Amar; Avey, Jonathan

Article | Page 165

Jackpot: The Hang-up Holding Back the Residual Category of Abuse of Process

Couse, Jeffery

Article | Page 193

Theorizing the Official Record of Inmate Ashley Smith: Necropolitics, Exclusions, and Multiple Agencies

Bromwich, Rebecca

Article | Page 225

Manitoba's Mental Health Court: A Consumer Perspective

Watts, Joshua; Weinrath, Michael

Article | Page 247

Tale of the Tape: Policing Surreptitious Recordings in the Workplace

Burchill, John

Article | Page 303

Supreme Court of Canada in World Bank Group v Wallace: On Production of Records, Immunities of International Organizations and the Global Fight against Corruption

Galagan, Dmytro

Article | Page 337

Animal Justice and Sexual (Ab)use: Consideration of Legal Recongition of Sentience for Animals in Canada

Gacek, James; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 365

Art in the Dichotomy of Freedom of Expression & Obscenity: An Anti-Censorship Perspective

Yan, Julie

Article | Page 391

Voluntary Intoxication and the Charter: Revisiting the Constitutionality of Section 33.1 of the Criminal Code

Lawrence, Michelle S.

Article | Page 425

Making Numbers Count: An Empirical Analysis of Judicial Activism in Canada

Murchison, Melanie