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Issue 4: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2020)

Introduction | Page i

Continuing the Conversation: Exploring Current Themes in Criminal Justice and the Law

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

Moral Character: Making Sense of the Experiences of Bar Applicants with Criminal Records

Aviram, Hadar

Article | Page 35

Corporate Criminal Liability 2.0: Expansion Beyond Human Responsibility

Lederman, Eli

Article | Page 85

The Dangers of a Punitive Approach to Victim Participation in Sentencing: Victim Impact Statements after the Victims Bill of Rights Act

Janzen, Elizabeth

Article | Page 107

To What Types of Offences Should the Criminal Code Rules on Organizational Criminal Liability Apply?: A Commenton 9147-0732 Québec Inc c Directeur Des Poursuites Criminelles et Pénales

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Article | Page 145

Criminal Law During (and After) COVID-19

Skolnik, Terry

Article | Page 181

If You Do Not Have Anything Nice toSay: Charter Issues with the Offence of Defamatory Libel (Section 301)

Williams, Dylan J.

Article | Page 209

Hart Failure: Assessing the Mr. Big Confessions Framework Five Years Later

Lutes, Christopher

Article | Page 245

Robson Crim Year in Review

McDonald, Brayden; Kerr-Donohue, Kathleen

Issue 5: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2020)

Introduction | Page i

Continuing the Conversation: Exploring Current Themes in Criminal Justice and the Law

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

Correctional Afterthought: Offences Against the Administration of Justice and Canada’s Persistent Savage Anxieties

Runyon, Sarah

Article | Page 39

Issues Surrounding Pre-Conviction Abstention Conditions on Persons Suffering from Illicit Substance Addictions

Hannaford, Alana

Article | Page 65

Nuancing Feminist Perspectives on the Voluntary Intoxication Defence

Ashley, Florence

Article | Page 95

The Criminalization of Non-Assimilation and Property Rights in the Canadian Prairies

Sapic, Lauren

Article | Page 117

The Supreme Court of Canada’s Justification of Charter Breaches and its Effect on Black and Indigenous Communities

Kaka, Elsa

Article | Page 145

Moms in Prison: The Impact of Maternal Incarceration on Women and Children

Stack, Katy

Article | Page 161

The Privacy Paradox: Marakah, Mills ,and the Diminished Protections of Section 8

Biddulph, Michelle

Article | Page 197

Social Suppliers and Real Dealers: Incorporating Social Supply in Drug Trafficking Law in Canada

Ferencz, Sarah

Issue 3: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2019)

Preface | Page i

Towards Dialogue in the Crim Disciplines

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

Flaming Misogyny or Blindly Zealous Enforcement? The Bizarre Case of R v George

Vandervort, Lucinda

Article | Page 39

The Mens Rea of Sexual Assault: How Jury Instructions are Getting it Wrong

Alexander, Paul M.; De Luca, Kelly

Article | Page 89

Criminalizing HIV Non-Disclosure: Using Public Health to Inform Criminal Law

Singh, Davinder; Busby, Karen

Article | Page 123

Elements of Superior Responsibility for Sexual Violence by Subordinates

Petrossian, Gurgen

Article | Page 153

“They Just Don’t Care”: Women Charged with Domestic Violence in Ottawa

Grace, Anita

Article | Page 189

“Alluring Make-Up or a False Moustache”: Cuerrier and Sexual Fraud Outside of HIV Non-Disclosure

McCleery, Kyle

Article | Page 217

Consent and the Constitution

Fehr, Colton

Article | Page 249

Exoneration and Compensation for the Wrongly Convicted: Enhancing Procedural Justice?

Campbell, Kathryn M.

Article | Page 281

Evaluating Judicial Delay After Jordan : Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Avey, Jonathan

Article | Page 303

The Problematically Low Threshold of Evidence in Canadian Extradition Law: An Inquiry into its Origins; and Repercussions in the Case of Hassan Diab

McMahon, Maeve W.

Article | Page 365

A Bargain with Justice? A Perspective on Canada’s New Remediation Agreements

Sakowski, Paetrick

Article | Page 385

Importing a Canadian Creation: A Comparative Analysis of Evidentiary Rules Governing the Admissibility of Confessions to ‘Mr. Big’

Phelan, Nathan

Article | Page 427

Public Contempt and Compassion: Media Biases and Their Effect on Juror Impartiality and Wrongful Convictions

Chancellor, Lauren

Issue 4: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2019)

Preface | Page i

Towards Dialogue in the Crim Disciplines

Ireland, David; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 1

What's Left of Marital Harmony in the Criminal Courts? The Marital Communications Privilege After the Demise of the Spousal Incompetence Rule

Cave, Heather; Sankoff, Peter

Article | Page 21

The Biases of Experts: An Empirical Analysis of Expert Witness Challenges

Chin, Jason M.; Lutsky, Michael; Dror, Itiel E.

Article | Page 69

Persistence and Variability of DNA: Penile Washings and Intimate Bodily Examinations in Sex-Related Offences

Burchill, John W.

Article | Page 89

Lost in Translation? The Difference Between the Hearsay Rule’s Historical Rationale and Practical Application

Sewrattan, Christopher

Featured Article | Page 131

Threading the Needle: Structural Reform & Canada’s Intelligence-to-Evidence Dilemma

Forcese, Craig

Critical Commentary | Page 189

Canadian National Security in Cyberspace: The Legal Implications of the Communications Security Establishment’s Current and Future Role as Canada’s Lead Technical Cybersecurity and Cyber Intelligence Agency

Rosati, Nicholas

Article | Page 207

Over-Indebted Criminals in Canada

Ben-Ishai, Stephanie; Nayerahmadi, Arash

Article | Page 241

Theorizing Anxiety and its Relation to Fear (of Crime): An Heideggerian Inspired Polemic

Ranasinghe, Prashan

Article | Page 265

Cross-Over Youth and Youth Criminal Justice Act Evidence Law: Discourse Analysis and Reasons for Law Reform

Bromwich, Rebecca Jaremko

Article | Page 292

Jeremy Bentham and Canadian Evidence Law: The Utilitarian Perspective on Mistrial Applications

Josey, Alanah

Article | Page 315

Confronting Animal Cruelty: Understanding Evidence of Harm Towards Animals

Gacek, James

Article | Page 343

The Constitutional Elephant in the Room: Section 8 Charter Issues with The Animal Care Act

Ziegler, Ryan

Issue 3: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2018)

Preface | Page i

Towards a Crim Community - Here We Go Again

Tourtchaninova, Anna; Roziere, Brendan

Article | Page 1

Examining How Lineup Practices of Canadian and U.S. Police Officers Adhere to Their National Best Practice Recommendations

Bertrand, Michelle I.; Lindsay, R.C.L.; Mansour, Jamal K.; Beaudry, Jennifer L.; Kalmet, Natalie; Melsom, Elisabeth I.

Article | Page 49

Police Vehicle Searches under the Fourth Amendment: Evaluating Chiefs’ Perceptions of Search Policies and Practices after Arizona v Gant

Totten, Christopher; Cobkit, Sutham

Article | Page 77

R v Jarvis: An Argument for a Single Reasonable Expectation of Privacy Framework

Mullins, Ryan

Article | Page 99

Alibi Evidence: Responsibility for Disclosure and Investigation

Burchill, John

Article | Page 127

Onashowewin and the Promise of Aboriginal Diversionary Programs

McKay, Celeste; Milward, David

Article | Page 163

Healing Ourselves: Interrogating the underutilization of Sections 81 & 84 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act

Combs, Leah

Article | Page 191

Too Bad, So Sad: Observations on Key Outstanding Policy Challenges of Twenty Years of Youth Justice Reform in Canada, 1995-2015

Smandych, Russell C.; Corrado, Raymond R.

Article | Page 241

Challenging Infanticide: Why Section 233 of Canadas Criminal Code is Unconstitutional

Mair, Scott

Issue 4: Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2018)

Preface | Page i

Towards a Crim Community - Here We Go Again

Tourtchaninova, Anna; Roziere, Brendan

Article | Page 1

(Where is) the Tipping Point for Governmental Regulation of Canadian Lawyers? Perhaps it is in Paradise: Critically Assessing Regulation of Lawyer Involvement with Money Laundering After Canada (Attorney General) v Federation of Law Societies of Canada

Bromwich, Rebecca

Article | Page 27

Police Independence vs Military Discipline: Democratic Policing in the Canadian Forces

Avey, Jonathan

Article | Page 57

The Problem of "Relevance": Intelligence to Evidence Lessons from UK Terrorism Prosecutions

West, Leah

Article | Page 113

R v Jordan: A Ticking Time Bomb

Lundrigan, Keara

Article | Page 149

A Bad Deal: British Columbia’s Emphasis on Deterrence and Increasing Prison Sentences for Street-Level Fentanyl Traffickers

Hrymak, Haley

Article | Page 181

In the Aftermath of R v Pham: A Comment on Certainty of Removal and Mitigation of Sentences

Baglay, Sasha

Article | Page 220

Disclosure in the 21 st Century: A Comparative Analysis of Three Approaches to the Information Economy in the Guilty Plea Process

Anevich, Myles

Article | Page 245

An Analysis of Third Party Record Applications Under the Mills Scheme, 2012-2017: The Right to Full Answer and Defence versus Rights to Privacy and Equality

Donkers, Heather

Article | Page 273

Section 24(2) of the Charter; Exploring the Role of Police Conduct in the Grant Analysis

McGuinty, Patrick

Article | Page 281

Remedying the Remedy: Bedford’ s Suspended Declaration of Invalidity

Mouland, Carolyn

Article | Page 307

The WD Revolution

Silver, Lisa A.

Article | Page 351

Challenging Dominant Portrayals of the Trans Sex Worker: On Gender, Violence, and Protection

Laidlaw, Leon

Issue 3 (Special Issue): Criminal Law Edition (Robson Crim) (2017)

Preface | Page i

Robson Crim: A Vision for Multivalent Interrogations of Criminal Law

Jochelson, Richard; Khoday, Amar; Ireland, David

Article | Page 1

Reforming and Resisting Criminal Law: Criminal Justice and the Tragically Hip

Roach, Kent

Article | Page 53

The Importance of Knowing How a Person Became the Suspect in a Lineup: Multiple Eyewitness Identification Procedures Increase the Risk of Wrongful Conviction

Lindsay, R. C. L.; Bertrand, Michelle I.; Smith, Andrew M.

Article | Page 85

Bargaining for Justice: The Road towards Prosecutorial Accountability in the Plea Bargaining Process

Manikis, Marie; Grbac, Peter

Article | Page 111

Beyond Finality: R v Hart and the Ghosts of Convictions Past

Khoday, Amar; Avey, Jonathan

Article | Page 165

Jackpot: The Hang-up Holding Back the Residual Category of Abuse of Process

Couse, Jeffery

Article | Page 193

Theorizing the Official Record of Inmate Ashley Smith: Necropolitics, Exclusions, and Multiple Agencies

Bromwich, Rebecca

Article | Page 225

Manitoba's Mental Health Court: A Consumer Perspective

Watts, Joshua; Weinrath, Michael

Article | Page 247

Tale of the Tape: Policing Surreptitious Recordings in the Workplace

Burchill, John

Article | Page 303

Supreme Court of Canada in World Bank Group v Wallace: On Production of Records, Immunities of International Organizations and the Global Fight against Corruption

Galagan, Dmytro

Article | Page 337

Animal Justice and Sexual (Ab)use: Consideration of Legal Recongition of Sentience for Animals in Canada

Gacek, James; Jochelson, Richard

Article | Page 365

Art in the Dichotomy of Freedom of Expression & Obscenity: An Anti-Censorship Perspective

Yan, Julie

Article | Page 391

Voluntary Intoxication and the Charter: Revisiting the Constitutionality of Section 33.1 of the Criminal Code

Lawrence, Michelle S.

Article | Page 425

Making Numbers Count: An Empirical Analysis of Judicial Activism in Canada

Murchison, Melanie