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Issue 2: A Review of the Current Legal Landscape (2021)

Introduction | Page i

Introduction and Issue Overview

Schwartz, Bryan P.; MacPherson, Darcy L.

Article | Page 1

Justice Côté in 2019: Great Dissenter, Voice of the Court, or Both?

Ampleman-Tremblay, Sandrine; Nadeau, Camille

Article | Page 36

Hryniak Comes to Manitoba: The Evolution of Manitoba Civil Procedure in the 2010s

Kennedy, Gerard J.

Article | Page 66

Feeling Inadequate: Reframing the Mindsets of Legal Education to Promote Mental Health

Béchard-Torres, Edward

Article | Page 87

Reconsidering Legal Pedagogy: Assessing Trigger Warnings, Evaluative Instruments, and Articling Integration in Canada’s Modern Law School Curricula

Jochelson, Richard; Gacek, James; Ireland, David

Article | Page 121

Collaborative Law

Forrest, Brendan

Article | Page 134

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Corrigan, Sean

Article | Page 143

What is Cultural Legal Studies?

Schulz, Jennifer L.

Issue 1: A Review of the Current Legal Landscape (2016)

Article | Page i

Modern Legal Education: Towards Practice-Ready Attitudes, Attributes and Professionalism

Black-Branch, Jonathan L.

Preface | Page xv

Issue Introduction and Overview

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Essay | Page xxiii

The Next Great Transition in Canadian Legal Education

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Interview | Page 1

Interview with Charles Huband

Foster, Lane

Interview | Page 25

Interview with Dale Gibson

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Interview | Page 77

Interview with Arthur Braid, C.M., Q.C.

Trainer, Ryan

Interview | Page 97

Interview with Cameron Harvey

Epp-Fransen, Jesse; Trainer, Ryan

Interview | Page 117

Interview with Janet Baldwin

Davenport, Jessica; Trainer, Ryan

Interview | Page 135

Interview with Gerald Nemiroff

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Interview | Page 191

Interview with Jack R. London, C.M., Q.C.

Davenport, Jessica; Epp-Fransen, Jesse

Interview | Page 217

Interview with David Deutscher

Schwartz, Bryan P.; MacPherson, Darcy

Interview | Page 257

Interview with Alvin Esau

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Interview | Page 277

Interview with Justice Freda Steel

Trainer, Ryan

Interview | Page 297

Interview with Lee Stuesser

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Interview | Page 353

Interview with John Eaton

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Issue 2: A Review of the Current Legal Landscape (2016)

Preface | Page i

Preface to the Document Supplement of the Special Issue on Legal Education

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Document | Page 1

Summary and Historical Relevance to Legal Education

Document | Page 3

Full-Time Teachers, Recorders & Librarians of the Manitoba Law School and of the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba

Harvey, Cameron

Document | Page 9

Excerpts from Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the Canadian Bar Association - Held at Montreal, Quebec

Canadian Bar Association

Document | Page 23

Excerpts from Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Canadian Bar Association Held at Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canadian Bar Association

Document | Page 55

Legal Education in Manitoba: 1913-1950

Williams, E. K.

Document | Page 91

Memorandum on the Future Status and Location of the Manitoba Law School

Edwards, Cliff; Gibson, Dale

Document | Page 105

The Admissions and Education Committee: A Perspective on Legal Education and Admission to Practice in the Province of Manitoba, Past, Present and Future

London, Jack R.

Document | Page 155

The Report of the Curriculum Review Committee on a New Curriculum

London, Jack R.; Esau, Alvin; Gibson, Dale; Larsen, Norm; Osborne, Phil; Schwartz, Bryan P.; Andres, Eleanor; Vincent, Steve

Document | Page 179

Curriculum Reform at Robson Hall

Osborne, Phil; Esau, Alvin

Document | Page 205

Common Law Legal Education in Canada's Age of Light, Soap and Water

Pue, W. Wesley

Document | Page 241

Academic Innovation Committee on the Robson Hall J.D. Curriculum: Consultation Paper (2014)

Shariff, Mary; Parkes, Debra; Heckman, Gerald; Hilder, Vivian; Lugtig, Sarah

Document | Page 397

A Vision for Experiential Education at Robson Hall: Supporting Students' Transition to Practice

Lugtig, Sarah

Document | Page 453

Memo regarding Academic Innovation Committee Consultation Paper

Academic Affairs Committee

Document | Page 473

Excerpts from Law Faculty Council Minutes, Meeting on March 24, 2016

Law Faculty Council

Issue 1: A Review of the Current Legal Landscape (2013)

Preface | Page i

Introduction and Issue Overview

MacPherson, Darcy L.; Schwartz, Bryan P.

Memorial | Page vii

In Memoriam - The Honourable Chief Justice Alfred M. Monnin

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Memorial | Page ix

In Memoriam - Honorable Juge en Chef Alfred M. Monnin

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Keynote | Page 1

When Humanity Fails: Lessons from the UN General Who Tried to Stop the Genocide

Dallaire, Romeo

Keynote | Page 21

Lorsque l'Humanite Echoue: Lecons du General des Nations Unies Qui a Tente d'Arreter le Genocide

Dallaire, Romeo

Keynote | Page 43

An Interview with the Chief Justice of Manitoba Keynote

Chartier, Richard J.

Event Summary | Page 61

Ethical Lawyering in a Global Community

Farrow, Trevor C. W.

Event Summary | Page 85

The DeLloyd Guth Visiting Lecture in Legal History: Writing Canadian Legal History: Origins

Girard, Philip

Event Summary | Page 101

Anatomy of a Public Inquiry: Introduction

MacPherson, Darcy

Event Summary | Page 105

Remarks of John Burchill Anatomy of a Public Inquiry

Burchill, John

Event Summary | Page 121

Remarks of Bruce MacFarlane Anatomy of a Public Inquiry

MacFarlane, Bruce

Event Summary | Page 128

Remarks of Richard Wolson Anatomy of a Public Inquiry

Wolson, Richard

Event Summary | Page 139

Remarks of Justice Jeffrey Oliphant Anatomy of a Public Inquiry

Oliphant, Jeffrey

Event Summary | Page 154

Letter of Apology to Tom Sophonow

Mackintosh, Gord

Article | Page 155

The Future for Canadian Law Schools

Stuesser, Lee

Article | Page 167

R v Creighton Twenty Years Later: Harm versus Death Revisited

Khoday, Amar

Article | Page 181

Saved by the Bell - Retrospective Application of Bill C-26 (New Self-Defence and Defence of Property Provisions of the Criminal Code)

Kotler, Ami

Article | Page 195

That's the Man: Admission of Positive Assertions in Court and Police Identification Procedures

Burchill, John

Article | Page 233

The Economics of Life and Death: Moral and Ethics in an Environment of Medical-Resource Scarcity

Trask, Brandon

Article | Page 267

Billy, Don't You Lose My Number: Law Reform with Respect to the Serial Numbered Goods Regime under the Manitoba PPSA

MacPherson, Darcy L.; Brown, Edward D.

Case Comment | Page 323

A Comment on Manitoba Metis Federation Inc v Canada

Paul, Sacha R.

Case Comment | Page 341

AB v Bragg Communications Law's Next Steps: Should Bullying Be a Tort - Or Even a Crime

Short, Donn

Book Review | Page 353

Free to Believe: Rethinking Freedom of Conscience and Religion in Canada by Mary Ann Waldron

Grayson, Miranda

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 357

Introduction: The Association for Canadian Clinical Legal Education (ACCLE) Conference 2012

Buhler, Sarah

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 363

Innovative Thinking and Clinical Education: The Experience of the Osgood Mediation Intensive Program

Simmons, Martha E.

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 383

Teaching Law Students: Lessening the Potential Effects of Vicarious Trauma

Jenkins, M. Lynne

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 403

You Have the Right to Remain Silent - But I'm Your Lawyer - You Are Supposed to Talk to Me - Working toward Creating Culturally Safe Working Relationships

Milliken, Eveline

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 415

Law Wise Law Clinic: Perspectives on Clinical Legal Education in Scotland

McFadzean, Dale

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 427

Clinical Legal Education: Perspectives from Former Clinical Law Students

Anderson, Janelle

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 449

The Effective Roles of a Social Worker in a Clinical Legal Education Practice

Noakes, Susan

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 465

The State of Experiential Education in Canadian Law Schools

Ferguson, Douglas D.

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 473

Judge Shadowing at the University of Manitoba & Canada's First-Year Law Curriculum

Guth, Delloyd J.

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 487

ACCLE Conference Remarks - Integrating the Dimensions of Legal Education

Schwartz, Bryan P.

ACCLE Conference Paper | Page 497

Clinical Business Law Programs at Robson Hall

Pozios, John

Issue 1: A Review of the Current Legal Landscape (2012)

Preface | Page i

Introduction and Issue Overview

MacPherson, Darcy L.; Schwartz, Bryan P.

Article | Page 1

Wrongful Convictions: Is it Proper for the Crown to Root around, Looking for Miscarriages of Justice

Macfarlane, Bruce A.

Article | Page 37

Manitoba Hyrdro and Electricity Undertakings in Developing Countries: The Case of Nigeria

Oke, Yemi

Article | Page 67

Taxonomie Juridique des Institutions Postsecondaires Offrant des Programmes et des Services en Francais a l'Exterieur du Quebec

Power, Mark C.; Larocque, Francois; Nolette, Albert

Article | Page 143

The Trial Judge's Four Discretions to Exclude Technically Admissible Evidence at a Criminal Trial

Tanha, Robert H.

Article | Page 193

Tattoos and Police Dress Regulations

Burchill, John

Article | Page 221

Social Incrimination: How North American Courts are Embracing Social Network Evidence in Criminal and Civil Trials

Grice, Dan; Schwartz, Bryan

Article | Page 287

Pine Tree Justice: Punitive Damage Reform in Canada

McGill, Boyd

Case Comment | Page 329

Leveling the Playing Field: Severance and Access to Justice at the Manitoba Court of Appeal

Steinfield, Dayna M.

Book Review | Page 341

Dams of Contention: The Rafferty-Alameda Story and the Birth of Canadian Environmental Law by Bill Redekop

Brendan Jowett

Comment | Page 351

The DeLloyd Guth Visiting Lecture in Legal History: Habeas Corpus, Legal History, and Guantanamo Bay

Oldham, James

Comment | Page 361

The “Great Writ” Reinvigorated? Habeas Corpus in Contemporary Canada

Parkes, Debra

Comment | Page 383

Dueling Purchase-Money Security Interests under the PPSA: Explaining the Law and Policy behind Section 34(7)

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Issue 1: A Review of the Current Legal Landscape (2011)

Preface | Page i

A New Vision for the Manitoba Law Journal

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Introduction | Page v

Issue Overview and Introduction

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Keynote | Page 1

Louis Riel: Patriot Rebel

McLachlin, Beverley

Article | Page 14

Au-dela des Nombres: Le Droit du Public Canadien a des Services Federaux dans la Langue Officielle de son Choix

Bastarache, Michel; Power, Mark C.; Hachey, Jean-Pierre; Stanton, Mathieu

Article | Page 49

Unsettled Estates: Manitoba's Forgotten Statute and the Chupryk Case

Irvine, John

Article | Page 63

Nor-Man Regional Health Authority: Labour Arbitration, Questions of General Law and the Challenges of Legal Centrism

Heckman, Gerald P.

Article | Page 84

Gladue: Beyond Myth and towards Implementation in Manitoba

Milward, David; Parkes, Debra

Article | Page 111

The National Academy of Sciences, Canadian DNA Jurisprudence and Changing Forensic Practice

Frederiksen, Soren

Article | Page 143

A Tough Pill to Swallow: Criminal Culpability arising from an Avoidable NCR State

Lenton, Keith

Article | Page 181

Legal Research in Canada's Provincial Appellate Courts

Bueckert, Melanie R.

Article | Page 201

Fraud and Knowledge of a Pre-Existing Security Interest under the Personal Property Security Act: Guidance from Other Jurisdictions for Manitoba Courts and Practitioners

MacPherson, Darcy L.; Brown, Edward D.

Article | Page 217

A House Divided: Access to Partition and Sale under the Laws of Ontario and Manitoba

Irvine, John

Interview | Page 249

Interview with Donna Miller

Schwartz, Bryan P.

Comment | Page 277

The Law Society of Manitoba's Equity Ombudsperson Program

Trepel, Brenlee Carrington

Comment | Page 285

Recent Themes in English Criminal Justice History

Smith, Greg T.