Bibliometrics, Ranking and Letters of Support

Content Analysis

In 2010, professors Donn Short and Bryan Schwartz wrote a motion addressed to the Law Faculty Council (LFC) to organize reasearch within University of Manitoba's Faculty of Law, including publications within the MLJ (download the mandate here). In 2014, professors Bryan Schwartz and Darcy MacPherson wrote a detailed report describing how the MLJ had addressed concernes in the 2010 mandate to the LFC. The report can be downloaded here and an addendum to the report can be downloaded here. A 2018 update can be read here.

The MLJ strives to serve the legal community and will continue improving its content and scope with to do so. Transparency is important to the MLJ so report like the ones above will be published on our website.


Google scholar rankings of the MLJ and other Canadian Law journals are reported here.

CanLII presence for flagship Canadian Journals is reported here.

Letters of Support

The MLJ has received letters of support from various politicians from all political parties within Manitoba. Read the various support letters here.

Ethics Approval

The MLJ's research ethics and compliance certificate can be downloaded here.