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Issue 2: Desautels Review for Private Enterprise and the Law (2022)

Memorial | Page 1

In Memoriam – Marcel André Desautels C.M., O.ONT., O.M. BA (LatPh)/55, LLB/59, LLM/65, LLD (Hon)/99

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Introduction | Page 3

Desautels Review of Private Enterprise & Law: Introduction

Torrie, Virginia; Jonsson, Connor; Schmidt Ty

Article | Page 7

The Supreme Court of Canada and the Development of a Canadian Common Law of Contract

McCamus, John D.

Article | Page 54

The Future of Secured Credit in Canada – A Survey of Theory and Evidence

Khimji, Mohamed F.; Pritchard, John

Article | Page 106

Regulating Adult Use of Cannabis in South Africa: International Law, Foreign Models, and Contextual Realism

Khiba, Motselisi; Hutchison, Andrew

Development | Page 141

Bill C-208: Instrument for Intergenerational Prosperity or Tool for Tax Avoidance?

Jonsson, Connor

Case Comment | Page 151

Principles of Interpretation as Applied to Corporate Articles: A Comment on Rogers v Rogers Communications Inc.

Hutchison, Camden

Case Comment | Page 159

When Should Executives be Responsible for Corporate Acts?: A Comment on Loeppky et al. v Taylor McCaffrey LLP

MacPherson, Darcy L.

Case Comment | Page 171

Comment on Shaver-Kudell Manufacturing Inc. v Knight Manufacturing Inc.

Nocilla, Alfonso

Book Review | Page 184

Bangsund on the Personal Property Security Act: The CCPPSL Model; by Clayton Bangsund

Khimji, Mohamed F.

Book Review | Page 186

Brand Management in Canadian Law, 5th ed; by John McKeown

Tingle, Bryce

Book Review | Page 193

An Alternative Approach to Family Business: A Theory of Socio-Material Weaving; by Mona Ericson

James, Albert; Tetzlaff, Elizabeth

Book Review | Page 208

Employment Law During a Pandemic; by Sean J. O’Donnell

Curran, Bruce J.